Services and Fees

Some fees have changed slightly!

Email me to check for open dates or request an estimate!

Please attempt to schedule edits in advance.  Although I can sometimes accommodate an “emergency edit,” it always requires me to adjust my current schedule, and oftentimes extend my already overextended work hours.  I do charge a $50 “RUSH FEE”  in these situations.

Proposal / “First Act” Critique (proofread, edit)

$150 flat fee- Synopsis and first three chapters.

Manuscript will be returned with an editorial letter


Short Manuscripts

Minimum fee of $100 dollars for short manuscripts

Turn-Around Time– Will be completed in 14 days or less


Quick Clean-Up (basic proofread: 1 quick read)

This service is recommended for authors who are already in the publishing process and need a second set of eyes to locate typing/scanning errors only! (No other editing will be done unless specifically requested).

.005/word-up to 55,000 words

.004/word-55,000 words or more


Copy Edit (1 careful read)

.007/word –up to 55,000 words

.006/word-55,000 words or more


  • Surface editing for grammatical, spelling and typographical errors
  • Minor revisions to clarify sentence structure, word usage (corrections suggested, never changed without your permission)
  • Turn-Around Time– Copy edits will be completed in 7 days or less

Developmental Edits

One-Round Developmental Edit (1 story edit, with editorial letter)

…in case you are running short on time, but still need to address story issues.

  • .008/word-up to 55,000 words

Two-Round Development Edit (2 complete reads, two rounds of editing)

.012/word-up to 55,000 words

.01/word-55,000 words or more

  • Surface editing for grammatical, spelling, typographical errors
  • Minor revisions to clarify sentences
  • In-depth check of consistency, organization, and historical accuracy
  • Commentary on “story elements”: character, conflict, point of view, etc…
  • An Editorial Letter listing suggestions for improving the story
  • Turn-Around Time– 1-2 weeks for each round of editing

After the Round One Edit, the manuscript will be returned to the author for revision.  Authors generally take a week or two to make changes and then return the new and improved manuscript to me for a second round of editing.


Series Bible

  • What is a series bible?A series bible is a comprehensive document that can include any and all of the following:
    • a “family tree” of the major characters in your series
    • a timeline of events
    • a detailed description of every major AND minor character mentioned in your series, what he or she looks like, acts like, does for a living and who he or she is related to
    • a “cast of characters” for each book in the series
    • a chapter-by-chapter synopsis for each book in your series
    • imbedded links to help you navigate the document
    • word document format
    • other formatting at customer request for additional fees

    .006/word (words calculated from manuscripts)

    Timeline for completion: usually approximately 1 week per book in series (4 weeks for a 4-book series)

    $35.00/hour- Adding additional content after the completion of initial bible or transferring information to other formats




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