Services and Fees

Some fees have changed slightly!

Email me to check for open dates or request an estimate!

Booking Fee

Beginning 1/1/17, I will require a $50 booking fee to reserve an editing appointment.  This fee will be deducted from the final cost of your scheduled edit.  If, for some reason, you must cancel or change dates, you will forfeit the scheduling fee.

Please attempt to schedule edits in advance.  Although I can sometimes accommodate an “emergency edit,” it always requires me to adjust my current schedule, and oftentimes extend my already overextended work hours.  I do charge a $50 “RUSH FEE”  in these situations.

Proposal / “First Act” Critique (proofread, edit)

$150 flat fee- Synopsis and first three chapters.

Manuscript will be returned with an editorial letter


Short Manuscripts

Minimum fee of $100 dollars for short manuscripts

Turn-Around Time– Will be completed in 14 days or less


Quick Clean-Up (basic proofread: 1 quick read)

This service is recommended for authors who are already in the publishing process and need a second set of eyes to locate typing/scanning errors only! (No other editing will be done unless specifically requested).

.005/word-up to 55,000 words

.004/word-55,000 words or more


Copy Edit (1 careful read)

.007/word –up to 55,000 words

.006/word-55,000 words or more


  • Surface editing for grammatical, spelling and typographical errors
  • Minor revisions to clarify sentence structure, word usage (corrections suggested, never changed without your permission)
  • Turn-Around Time– Copy edits will be completed in 7 days or less

Developmental Edits

One-Round Developmental Edit (1 story edit, with editorial letter)

…in case you are running short on time, but still need to address story issues.

  • .008/word-up to 55,000 words

Two-Round Development Edit (2 complete reads, two rounds of editing)

.012/word-up to 55,000 words

.01/word-55,000 words or more

  • Surface editing for grammatical, spelling, typographical errors
  • Minor revisions to clarify sentences
  • In-depth check of consistency, organization, and historical accuracy
  • Commentary on “story elements”: character, conflict, point of view, etc…
  • An Editorial Letter listing suggestions for improving the story
  • Turn-Around Time– 1-2 weeks for each round of editing

After the Round One Edit, the manuscript will be returned to the author for revision.  Authors generally take a week or two to make changes and then return the new and improved manuscript to me for a second round of editing.


Series Bible

  • What is a series bible?A series bible is a comprehensive document that can include any and all of the following:
    • a “family tree” of the major characters in your series
    • a timeline of events
    • a detailed description of every major AND minor character mentioned in your series, what he or she looks like, acts like, does for a living and who he or she is related to
    • a “cast of characters” for each book in the series
    • a chapter-by-chapter synopsis for each book in your series
    • imbedded links to help you navigate the document
    • word document format
    • other formatting at customer request for additional fees

    .006/word (words calculated from manuscripts)

    Timeline for completion: usually approximately 1 week per book in series (4 weeks for a 4-book series)

    $35.00/hour- Adding additional content after the completion of initial bible or transferring information to other formats




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