“The first work I shared with Jena was a mess. I was new to the writing world and very green. In addition to helping me with the typos, Jena patiently walked me through the formatting of my manuscript and what an agent might be looking for. Even more valuable than that, Jena gave me suggested changes to my storyline that were right on. She did all of this with a quick turn-around and at a very reasonable price. She has been extremely helpful and pleasant to work with. I’m so glad that I found her!” -Tamra Lassiter


“I love working with Jena.  She is professional, friendly and her attention to detail is top-notch.  She has the keen eye of an English teacher, the skill set of an editor and a solid understanding of the genre.  She’s done great work for me and I can completely trust her with my manuscript. Not only do I recommend her highly, I’m very thankful I’ve found her!!” -Jillian Hart


“I’m an indie-author looking to publish my first romance novel and felt overwhelmed as I researched editors online. Then I found Jena. Her responsiveness, welcoming e-mails, and professional manner immediately put me at ease. Her sample edit of my first chapter was spot on – I read her notes and found myself nodding repeatedly, thinking, “Of course!” and “Why didn’t *I* think of that?” We made a phone appointment so I could run some questions by her, and I got such good vibes from our chat that I asked her to edit the full manuscript. Within about 10 days of that call, the work was done and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Her expertise with the written word, her intimate knowledge of my genre, and her own experiences as a writer make her a brilliant editor. Jena really knows her stuff and instilled such confidence in me that I intend to become a regular client. I ardently recommend Jena for any editorial work you may require.” -Mina Lobo


Jena O’Connor of Practical Proofing has saved me countless hours of writing time. After reading each of my manuscripts three times over all by myself for the past 20 years, and never catching every error even then, I don’t even bother anymore. Everything goes straight to Practical Proofing. The turn-around time is phenomenal, the accuracy flawless, and Jena is a pleasure to work with. The prices are lower than most other such services being offered, too. Now I don’t have to waste countless hours nitpicking in search of typos, or to see if the heroine’s eyes turn from blue to brown halfway through the novel. Now I can spend my time doing what I do best, creating!
-New York Times bestselling author, MAGGIE SHAYNE

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